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About the Journal:

Derived from Adab Pazhouhi in 1395 (2016), Literary Theory and Criticism is a scientific-research journal that from the first issue (spring and summer 1395/2016) has been publishing articles in the following areas:

Most Important Topics:

  •  Studying the background and philosophical-epistemological and methodological foundations of literary theory (philosophy and literary theory)
  •  Introducing literary theories and the paradigmatic and discourse context of their emergence and their classification in networks of theories (Meta-theory)
  •  Critically considering the discourses dominating the emergence and dissemination of literary criticism and theory (discourse studies)
  •  Revising thematic principles and stereotypes of criticism and theory in Iran (meta-criticism)
  •  Focusing on literary research in Iran, and considering the basics and mechanisms of multifaceted and interdisciplinary criticism (basic knowledge and methodological knowledge)
  •  Tracking the trajectory of concepts and terms in literary criticism and theory in Iran (terminology)
  •  Presenting the best examples of objective and concrete text criticism by theorists and theoretical critics
  •  Introducing new or lesser-known theories and presenting their potentials and limitations
  •  Rereading literary texts and conceptualizing and theorizing their data and statements
  •  Evaluating and systematically analyzing old and new works and texts (Criticism of the works discussed should be confined to the field of Persian literature and texts. Studies on non-Iranian works are accepted only if they are conducted as reviews of the ideas of one or several thinkers. Comparative studies on Iranian and non-Iranian works are also accepted.)


About Literary Theory and Criticism:

Country of Publication: Iran
Publisher: University of Guilan
Publication type: Print – Electronic
Print ISSN: 2476-7387

E-ISSN: 2820-9826

Available from:

Ministry of Science Classification: A

ISC classification: Q3 – Impact factor 0.074
Acceptance Rate: 8%
Frequency: Semi-annual
Advance Access: Yes
Publication language: Full articles: Persian; Extended abstracts: English
Scope: literary theory and criticism & Persian literature
Article Processing Charges: 6000000 Iranian Rial (IRR)
Type of Journal: Academic / Scholarly
Open Access: Yes
Indexed & Abstracted: Yes
Policy: Double Blind Peer Review; two reviewers
plagiarism checker: Yes (Hamyab & Hamanandjo)
Review Time: 46 days approximately
Contact E-mail:
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Terms of Payment for the Registration And Publication of Articles in the Journal System

According to paragraph A, article 3 of the regulations on the costs of article processing, dated 01/07/1401 (2022), No. 16042, the  journal charges 6,000,000 Rials (600,000 tomans) for the cost of reviewing, preparation and printing:

  1. 1,500,000 Rials (150,000 tomans) for the initial review, including registration in the system and start of the reviewing process
  2. 4,500,000 Rials (450,000 tomans) for acceptance costs, printing and publishing the paper.

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The Journal follows the rules of the International Committee on Publishing Ethics (COPE).

*The Journal is open access. Access to the articles published by the journal is free of charge for all authors and readers and their use is subject to citing.Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

**"The Journal gives the readers the Creative Commons (CC) license and the right to free download, share and use of the papers by citing to them".

***This journal is kept in the National Library of Iran and Islamic World Science Citation Center (ISC) for a long time.


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Current Issue: Volume 7, Issue 2 - Serial Number 14, February 2023 (Serial 14) 

A Biographical Narrative Study of Nafsat-al-Masdur

Pages 115-146


Masoumeh Ghayoori; Mohammad Ali Ali Khazanehdarlou

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